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Moving a hot tub still requires some preparation on your part. The sheer size of the hot tub isn't the only obstacle, the hot tub's numerous attachments and parts, such as the electrical and plumbing units need to be taken care of by you before we can remove your tub and load it up for shipment.

Big Reds Moving wants you to know the first thing you'll need to do is drain the hot tub. This should be done the day before we arrive. If you don't have any experience draining your tub, ask our representative for step-to-step instructions on the process. Find your equipment compartment and make sure to keep it at a safe distance away from any water. Most tubs come with its own hose drain that attaches to your garden hose. Once you've finished draining, there should be about six gallons of water left. Try ridding the leftover volume of water with a wet-dry vacuum. If you can’t remove all the water just let us know so we’ll know that there is a little extra work involved with your move. Afterwards, disconnect and detach all applicable gas and electrical lines. Be sure to properly secure any loose hoses, lines, and cords. Then place the hot tub cover aside.

If you're moving to a new city where the temperature will be significantly lower, dry out the hoses with compressed air to avoid any potential freezing that may occur. Keep in mind that when we move your hot tub we will require you to have the site selection taken care of. What this entails is that you will need to know where you will position your spa in your new home so that it can be accessible and properly serviced. Also, make sure that the surface you choose is level and solid, a spa can weigh up to five thousand pounds once filled with water.

Naturally, you'll want to clear the delivery path of any obstacles such as rugs or furniture. Walk through the path and remove anything that may prove a hindrance or complication. If there are any stairs that need to be taken into account, notify us prior to the move. Please fill out our hot tub form and a staff member will be in touch with you shortly. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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Contact Big Red’s Services:

One of our friendly staff members will explain how we conduct our services over the phone. We explain in detail what each service provides and if there are any additional fees associated with your service. There are never any “hidden fees” with Big Red’s services.

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The Process:

After speaking with our customer service representatives and a detailed proposal is submitted to our staff member, a date and time is agreed upon. On that date, our staff will arrive at your location. You can be assured that we will handle the work ordered in a timely, fast and efficient manner.

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Once our service has been rendered and the job is completed to your satisfaction, a payment is required. We value each client’s feedback so if you are pleased with our service, be sure to fill out a testimonial on our website. We want to thank you for trusting us and doing business with our company.

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